New! - Speed Modelling Sessions in the Session area

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New! - Speed Modelling Sessions in the Session area

Postby Admin » Saturday 11. December 2004, 12:15

Some of the users of this forum have wished a Speed Modelling Session. Here it is now:

Every two weeks we will start a new Speed Modelling Session. The modelling time will be a fixed, but typically between 1 and 4 hours depending on the subject of the topic. Threads in this forum can be only opened by the moderators. Post your entry as a reply in the thread containing the session. The modelling time will be fixed but texturing and Rendering time will be free. It would be nice if the Models are included with the entry for publishing in the download area of the Render Daemon, however if you would like to keep the model private simply include a wireframe rendering as a part of the entry. Voting for the winner will be in the contest gallery open for all registered users.

Moderators of the Forum are Frank Dodd "TheRookie" and Boris Jahn "Boris".

I think we spray sometimes an animation session in between. I would be very interested in reading some opinions abbout this. Topic requests would be also very helpfull!

Have Fun!
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