RS3D V5.01.90 SP3-6 with Fedora Core 6

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RS3D V5.01.90 SP3-6 with Fedora Core 6

Postby [bot.]sage » Monday 26. February 2007, 14:27

This text is about FC6 related issues. FC6 does not include the OpenMotif libraries instead the LessTif libraries be included, but with this RS3D will not work proper (Can be that OpenMotif now has been added, but as I installed FC6 this was not the case.). To work around install the OpenMotif RPM's from the old FC5 release, openmotif-2.3.0- Next, the installer installs RS3D with uid and gid 1000, so change this to your login name and group as superuser with the chown command. :twisted:
Regards Marc
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