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vsl-toolscript with WAVE shader :)

PostPosted: Thursday 24. September 2009, 15:01
by Frankolino
hi dear realsoft users,

name of the script plugin: "frankolinos-vsl tools"

I have working out a new VSL Shader Plugin with new shader function called "wave" as a ScriptPlugin. Takes a lot of some minutes to build it, uff :) the name of the script "myvsl-franko".

but it works and I am very happy! Programming skills have developed since quitting here over one year, learned some new stuff with a basic language and c++. So I can read this unbelievable strange script language with new eyes and more pleasure !

Would be nice to get any feedback, if this vsl-shader works fine on your machine. I have tested this vsl-shader WAVE with realsoft 3d V6 demo Version. Here it's all ok and you will get a new WAVE material after pushing the button "Wave" at the vsl-shader script.

name of the script: "frankolinos-vsl tools". I have used the usual "myvsl" script and add this new WAVE function :D

info: I have saved a txt file too (below: zip file) how and where to place the script at realsoft 3d main root. ask, if you don't know how to include this two scripts ( a) mainscript: "myvsl-franko.js" and b) "materials-franko.js") you need for running the "frankolinos-vsl shader" script.

some pictures to show the results I add here...

best regards, more to come, bye, Frankolino

Re: vsl-toolscript with WAVE shader :)

PostPosted: Thursday 24. September 2009, 17:20
by Frankolino
forgotten so say, perhaps important for beginner and/also advanced realsoft 3d user:

setup: you must start the script when running realsoft 3d v6: click at menu "scripts" (10th place of menus from left side !) then / toolbars / then "materials-franko" and the script will open with buttons :)

best regards, Frankolino