dpi setting

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dpi setting

Postby Blockbuster » Monday 28. April 2008, 19:17

Hi to all,

how can I change the setting of dpi ?
The standart ist 96 dpi to the image, I think this is very low, how can I change it?

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Re: dpi setting

Postby Quan » Monday 28. April 2008, 22:17

Hi Stefan,

the DPI value is only relevant for printing:
it says "dots per inch".

you can easily change the DPI value in your 2d program (such as GIMP or PHOTOSHOP), just a little example:

the default DPI value of printed mediums (such as brochures) is 300 DPI.
So when you have a 1000x1000 px Image, at 300 DPI it will be printed in a size of 8,47x 8,47cm ... and at 96 DPI that would be 26,46 x 26,46cm (because there are less points at one inch).
but when you watch the picture on your computer display, the DPI value is NOT relevant! It doesn't matter if it is 300 or 96... you'll see the same result.

;) ;)

I hope you con understand this... it's hard to explain that in english for me.
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