GPU assisted global illumination rendering

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GPU assisted global illumination rendering

Postby guest » Sunday 24. August 2008, 08:14

The concept is not new , and is actually years old now . Anyway , I'm sure by now most dedicated
3D renderheads have heard about the awesome (BETA) 'Parthenon Renderer' . .

Look to the bottom of the page linked above to see incredible 'Indigo' type renders . (amazing freeware super-realistic render engine)
but 100 X a speed increase due to implementing the graphics card's extremely powerful GPU .

Any chance we might see something like this in Realsoft3D soon , but without the
very messy scene re-encoding that is required for this amazing BETA attempt ?

Realsoft has previously enjoyed being on the cutting edge of raytracing development ,
so perhaps they have something much more dynamic in store for V7 ?

Realtime Photon Mapping using a renderfarm of ATI 'Dual-Crossfired' machines !!!


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