Catching up

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Catching up

Postby Neico » Saturday 26. September 2009, 06:09

Hi RealSoft folk!!

I didnt know the Forum was back online. A guy from 3DWorld told me.

The big job that kept me from things is now completed and client very happy. That was two years in the studio and approx 500 RS drawings.

So now it's time for some fun and I thought the Forum was down so I've been upsetting folk over at the 3DWorld forum. The fun there has been relaxing after the marathon with their Competitions. Which has also served to sharpen my skillset a bit ... not much "skill" to sharpen there :D ... but I'm still having total fun with RS.

Exhibiting the large mural prints locally ... 2.2metres output at over 300dpi .... that was a mission!! Half gig renders!!

Some of this stuff is on my site if you've got nothing better to do!

Anyway, just to say Hi ... as you were!! :beer:
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